At the memorial for Granddad on Sunday, everyone in the room had to introduce themselves and say how they were related to Granddad and give a favorite memory of him.

      About three quarters of the way through this process, Carter turned to me and whispered, “Mom, I really want to tell a story.” I nodded, thinking “Suuuureee….” because he has been going through a bit of a shy period with people he didn’t know well. And here is a room full of them.

      When there were only two people left, I asked if he still wanted to speak and he nodded, so when the last person was finished, I cleared my throat and let folks know that Carter would like to tell a story and it might be of the Star Wars variety. I then helped him stand up on a chair and look out across a large room of expectant faces.

      “Hi. My name is Carter.

      I wanted to tell you all about how I got two Lego Star Wars games for Christmas this year and they are REALLY COOL.”

      It was about this time my eyes welled up in tears. Here is my shy almost-four-year-old who not two hours ago hid under the chairs when someone spoke to him because he was too shy to answer –now standing on a chair speaking clearly to about thirty people. He listened to all of their stories and it was his turn. This is one of those moments where my heart about exploded with pride.

      “I unlocked all the characters in my old game but I am still unlocking the characters in my new one.” He went on for a little longer, but I was so overwhelmed I didn’t catch all of it.

      After he had finished and we were off playing legos again, he turned to me and said, “Mom, no one laughed at me. I did really good.”

      I gathered him up in my arms and hugged him as tight as I could and smiled with more tears coming, “Yeah buddy, you were great and I am so proud of you.” And I am so proud. So very, very proud.