I got a ton of help in the backyard on Saturday and we now just have the finishing touches left (I will post photos once everything is complete).  Donna helped build the backside retaining wall for the dirt near the house, trimmed a bunch of our trees and then helped spread and pack the dirt in the garden area.  Steve made a gigantic dent in the massive dirt pile, dumping loads throughout the garden area for us to spread and then he and Jeremy made short work of the little patio under the swing.  It looks SO much better!! 

      Sunday morning I built the backside retaining wall, a small circular wall for the fountain and then got the rest of the dirt dumped and smoothed into place in the backyard garden areas.  All that is left is cutting some of the bricks, nailing the form in place where the two last bricks are in the patio, putting down the final 10 or so landscaping blocks along the back (including the one area where the sprinklers were a bit tangled).  Then planting!  During the week this week I will weed the front garden beds and then dump the rest of the dirt in – then after that, all I have left is planting!

      The weather was beautiful this weekend – sunny and in the 60s, so perfect for being outside.  Mothers day was wonderful.  I came downstairs and there was a giant tablecloth spread out with the below handprint and writing on it.  Carter will do a hand print every year until he is 18 – it is such a fantastic idea!!  I got a “Mom’s” book that had all sorts of fairy tales, poems, recipes, etc. and then Jeremy surprised me with a date night at a Gold Class movie theater.  There were only 40 seats, all were super soft recliners, and we had the wait staff bring us a bottle of wine to enjoy with our movie.  SO nice and we had so much fun!

      Happy Mothers Day to all the other mom’s out there too – hope it was wonderful!




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