This morning we decided to check out the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Both boys were up early and seemed to be in a good mood and wanted to go, so we got our jackets and rainboots on and headed out.

      Everything was great until we pulled up, then Carter had the melt-down of all melt-downs. Jeremy had to coax him into going, whereas Gavin thought it was so cool and headed right in and started chatting it up with people and had to pat all the dogs he found (he charmed everyone). Carter finally warmed up by the second round of hunting and was happy by the end. Gavin picked up a few eggs, but wanted to stomp on them more than put them in his basket. Tomorrow is going to be interesting…

      After living here for almost two years, we only know the people in our cul de sac, so it was great to finally meet some other folks with kids that live here too.