I cannot believe how quickly my maternity leave flew by. In the middle of September I returned to work and we ushered in a whole new host of routines around Grandma coming to the house to do daycare, to figuring out a schedule for who was going to make dinner each night, to shopping lists so that we had food in the house, to cleaning lists so that our house wasn’t a constant wreck, and somehow I still had to fit in running four days a week, oh, and maybe sleep. Man, that list made me tired just writing it!

      So we are three weeks into it, still working out the kinks (“I’m exhausted and don’t want to make dinner. Let’s order pizza.” “What? Get up at 5am to use the elliptical for an hour instead of trying to run in the dark. WHY AM I DOING THIS?”) and the kids are still trying to transition. Carter finally was doing great prior to my return and now that I am gone again, we have regressed back into some extra neediness, him acting out more than normal when he doesn’t get his way, and time outs in abundance. Thankfully Gavin has met the changes with ease – as long as he can jump in his jumperoo, he is a happy camper.

      And now fall is here – this is one of my favorite times of year where the air gets that cold and crisp feeling, the leaves start changing, and I can light candles and snuggle up under a blanket by the fire with hot tea. If I only had time to do that!

      Fall also makes me think of photos – which I have done a TERRIBLE job taking this year. I just realized that I only got pictures of the kids in early September and that was it, so that needs to change for October.

      In the meantime, here are a couple of the boys playing around from early September, enjoy!




      It is neat they are so close together in age. They have years of brotherly fun ahead of them.


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