Yeah, so, Carter is now crawling like a maniac.  He is picking up speed and we have to be in at least a few paces proximity just in case he heads to something he shouldn’t (like the fireplace, the dog dish, anywhere where he can slide a little and thump his little noggin’).

      And now he now has a a few new tricks to add to his already accumulating list:

      There is a new pose that he strikes when he needs to pause his crawling and take a break … he leans back and to the side, getting into a semi-sitting position where if he just pushes a little with his arm, he would be sitting.  Instead, he leans over checks things out, then starts cruising again.

      If that isn’t enough, he just figured out how to pull himself into a standing position without help.  For awhile we would stand him next to something he could hold onto (couch/ottoman) so that if he could hold himself up.  He would stand for a little while, then tip over one way or another.  But this week he figured out how to pull himself up all on his own.

      Not only did he figure out how to pull himself up, he also took a couple of steps forward while holding on.  This is without us prompting him to go forward.

      Scared?  Oh, that would be an understatement.  Especially when you hold him under his arms with his legs dangling free and his feet start moving like the roadrunner.

      Here are some Friday photos – Carter watched Daddy mow the lawn by the back door this week and the sunlight coming through the window was great, so I tried to take advantage of it!





      I’m scared!!! Lol. Love that last photo! Light is perfect!