This was a really great class – no uncomfortable videos to watch (YAYAY!!) and we learned a lot.  I now have a list of a few small remaining essentials that we need to grab at the store today, but Auntie Kimmy stopped by on Friday and filled a lot of it out for us!  Not wanting to wait for the shower, she brought by a lot of the things that we would need for when the baby first arrives (baby bath spa, Winnie the pooh robe & slippers, bath wash, crib sheet, valance, diaper stacker, mobile, & teddy bear for our nursery, and diapers & wipes, as well as some essentials for me post delivery).  Everything is SO cute and Kimmy is so thoughtful – we really appreciated it and I now feel like we are actually ready if the baby comes early!  It makes me nervous and excited all at the same time, I really can’t believe we are in the home stretch.

      I have been having some pretty decent Braxton hicks contractions (now that I know what they are).  More irritating than painful. Thankfully no other signs of labor have appeared, so it is looking good that we will make it the full week without having the baby.  Plus I am going to do whatever I can to try to get to my due date – full term baby generally means they will eat better, sleep better, and then I will get the full summer off ;-)