Carter went in today for his 9 month check-up – here are the highlights:
      Height: 28.75” (73rd percentile) (6 mo checkup he was 27.5”, 77%)
      Weight: 20lbs, 15oz (55th percentile) (6 mo checkup he was 17lbs, 15oz, 51%)
      Head: 46cm (74th percentile) (6 mo checkup he was 50th percentile, I think 44cm)

      Carter got a “star” in his charts for being able to walk so early.  Everything checked out great and he is FINALLY getting teeth!  Both his top and bottom gums were really inflamed, so it is likely he may get his teeth all at once.  The doctor did say that often times the teeth can come up, then retract, and do that multiple times before actually coming out.  Poor little guy – at least we know there is a reason for the crankiness. 

      She was surprised that he already is using the pincer grasp and is opening books and turning pages with his thumbs.  She recommended doing mimicking games – waving, clapping, touchdown so that he starts really drawing the associations between words & actions.

      We also now have the green light to give him any food we want except peanut butter (not until after he is a year old) and honey (two years old) because of allergies.  In February we are supposed to start replacing his formula with whole milk with the goal of having him weaned off his bottle by his first birthday.  I cannot believe he is this big and is getting to be more of a “little kid” than a baby!!!