As I always say, I cannot believe yet another month has passed. This year has flown by, here we are at December with the New Year right around the corner and my baby is starting to look more like a toddler than a baby. He still has a ways to go to get into “toddlerhood” but he is so far from the tiny creature (who was actually huge for a newborn) that we brought home from the hospital. Gavin-O, this is your list for the last month:

      • THREE TEETH. Let me repeat that. THREE TEETH. Carter didn’t have a single tooth by his first birthday and this little man already has three and I think there might be one more in there trying to pop through given the amount of drool on his shirt today. Two on the bottom, one on the top – I am still trying to get a photo of it, but it is tough to be that quick. This also means that everything goes in his mouth.
      • Gavin will now stand for a few seconds before realizing what he is doing and falling down.
      • For the last several weeks Gavin has been cruising along the furniture – basically holding on with one hand while he walks to where ever he wants to go. He has even started reaching from one piece of furniture to the next. My guess is still that he will be taking his first steps around Christmas or shortly thereafter.
      • He is going to be a talker. Most of his day is narrated with a lot of “YA YA YA, DA DA DA, MA MA MA” and such. There will be no silence in our house between he and Carter.
      • Fastest crawler in the west! You leave a door open, you leave the gate open, you turn around for one second … then you can’t find him because he is out of your sight range.
      • Obsessed with the stairs. Gavin will play for hours going up and down the big staircases or even going up and down the one step into our living room. We are still working with him on going down backwards versus forwards – he likes to face plant onto the floor.
      • He is doing much better with eating solid foods now and we still suck at giving them to him on a regular basis. He gets solids once a day with us and he is now showing way more interest in eating food versus his bottles. He didn’t like peas or green beans much at first, but tonight he chowed down on the green beans. He totally loves the fruits.
      • Gavin LOVES to be thrown up in the air – he starts giggling uncontrollably every time we do it.
      • We get the parents of the year award with enabling bad sleep habits – every night we either rock him in the rocking chair after his last bottle or stick him in his bouncer until his head falls forward because he is fast asleep. It is going to suck breaking him of these two habits, but if he is the last kid, then I don’t care!
      • Now that he pulls himself up and walks along anything he can hold onto, we have found that this includes the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. His latest stunt is pulling open all the cupboards and trying to get inside. The crazy thing is that he knows he should NOT do this, so if you are watching him, he will turn back to look at you and crack up and then keep going. Yes. I am going to have my hands full.

      This photo sums Gavin up – he has pulled himself up by holding onto his high chair, he is drooling like a maniac, his hair looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket (which is another thing he likes to do), and he is cracking up at me.




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