So far feeling the baby has been sporadic at best – I will maybe feel it for a half hour one night and then go 3-4 days without feeling anything.  On friday, something changed.  I started paying more attention to what the feeling was like … was it my stomach digesting something?  Bubbles, or was that the baby??  So friday night, Jeremy and I were being lazy, watching a movie and I was stretched out on the couch and something was going on … I put my hand on my stomach and began paying attention and all the sudden something pushed out right below my belly button.  I quickly grabbed Jeremy’s hand and put it on the same spot to see if it would happen again and it did!  Coolest part about this was the day that I really started to feel the baby move, Jeremy got to as well :-)

      Saturday night was a repeat of friday in terms of the baby being more active at night.  I can now differentiate a bit more on what is baby movement and what is my body processing food or whatever.  It’s a crazy sensation to describe … it isn’t like the tickling that I first felt, but more like these gentle little nudges and pushes coming from the inside out.  As I was reading the Sunday paper this morning, I felt it again too.  I am thinking that we have an active little one from all of this!

      We are now entering Week 21 – the baby is measuring 10.5 inches from top of head to the feet – growing about a half inch from this last week.  It weighs in at 3/4 of a pound, gaining about an ounce and a half from last week too.  Jeremy and I went shopping yesterday to start looking at the different bedding sets to see how we wanted to decorate the nursery.  We picked our favorite girl set, our favorite boy set, and then a favorite gender neutral set.  Now we need to decide how we want to move forward … just pick the one and decorate around that?  Or pick the gender specific one and then have to take one back?  Decisions…decisions… guess we will figure that out on a different day!


      I would buy a pink and a blue motorcycle, then take one back