This week was an exciting one – yesterday we had our 16 week doctor’s appointment and Jeremy tagged along so that he could hear the heartbeat.  When the doctor came to chat with us and I explained why Jeremy was there, he goes, "Let’s do an ultrasound instead – they are more fun!"  So off to the right you can see our latest ultrasound photo.  This only shows the head and the main body – we weren’t able to get a full on photo of everything, so you get to deal with me describing it. :-)

      In the photo, you are easily able to now distinguish features on the baby’s face – you can see where the ear, eye, and mouth are, as well as the spine going down the back.  At the bottom of the spine, you can barely make out the beginning of a leg – when the doctor moved the wand to get a better look at the legs, the baby was kicking like mad, moving around a ton!  You could see the umbilical chord, it’s arms flailing a bit and what looked like the baby sucking its thumb!  In another view you could easily make out the rib cage and see the flashes of the heart beating – which was fast, steady, and strong.  We got a good report from the doctor – all was looking healthy and well!  It was a bit surreal to see the baby moving like crazy and not be able to feel any of it…

      For week 16 the baby will grow into more of the size of an avocado – 4.5 inches long, weighing 3.5 ounces.  Over the next few weeks the baby should double in weight and add inches in length … guess I will REALLY start showing soon!  I still only look fat – no nice little round baby bump … its more like, "how did I develop muffin top??" because my uterus is just pushing out my stomach area and I can’t suck it in at ALL.  We will take photos this weekend and post them, so that we can do an 8 week to 16 week comparison.  I have gained probably around 5 pounds now, which I was assured was well within the normal range.

      The other exciting thing is that from here on out, I may start to feel the baby move!  First time moms usually experience it around 18-22 weeks, but you can start feeling the baby as early as 16 weeks.  Guess I will need to pay attention from here on out to see if I can detect it!  It was really cool to have Jeremy see the ultrasound too – it is amazing how much it has grown from the first little cotton ball one that we had together!

      My big ultrasound appointment is on October 30th where they do all the measurements to make sure everything looks good.  We can get the sex of the baby during this appointment, but we are both sticking to our guns in not wanting to know :)

      On a more sobering note, we have the services on Saturday for my Uncle Daryl, who passed away last Friday from cancer.  Though the news was not unexpected, we were still hoping for a few more months with him and he will be missed by the whole family.




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