Grandma took Carter to look at the pumpkins that were growing down the hill in their backyard. On their walk down, she showed him what a slug was. On the walk back up the hill, he stooped really low to the ground to look at a brown spot and said, “Nope” to Grandma when he realized it wasn’t a slug. Uh… who taught him that?

      This has been the longest short week EVER. I am one man down on my team and have picked up additional workload until I get someone hired. Add on some fun high priority, last minute projects to coordinate and you can watch my hair turning greyer each day. And I was in bed asleep at 7:30 Tuesday night.

      However the mid-week anniversary dinner was lovely – Happy Anniversary Husband, I can’t believe it has been three years. It went by fast, and yet it seems like we have been married forever (in a good way, of course). We celebrated with a steak dinner at Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue. Our table had a view of Lake Washington, the Seattle skyline, and the Olympic Mountains. All during sunset. It was the perfect evening!


      Nope is adorable! Happy anniversary! xo

      Happy Anniversary!!!

      And a wonderful three years of having you in the family! I’m glad you posted. I’ve been checking and was worried that you’d been overworked or not well. Take care!


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