My Grandfather passed away last night after battling congestive heart failure – he was almost 92 years old.  While this is a very sad time for my family, he had been in the hospital for the last few weeks and his quality of life had declined significantly.  We are taking comfort knowing that he is no longer struggling and keeping the pain at bay.

      My grandfather was a very quiet man – at family get togethers he took a lot of joy in watching the kids and listening to all of our crazy noisiness.  He was always sharp – he bought a computer in his 80s and always read the newspaper.  I got my passion for gardening ultimately from he and my grandmother … they gave it to my mom, who gave it to me.  When I was a kid staying with my grandparents, we always watched The Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune together.  For some reason, that memory came up this morning :-)

      Love You Grandpa.