So I know I complained about the weather this week. Apparently I shouldn’t have, because Mother Nature listened, “Boring weather?? Sure, I will show you an interesting Spring, muhhahahaaa!”  So Wednesday we got a decent wind storm – it was fun to watch the huge fir trees in our back sway dangerously and wonder if one was going to crash (and hoping it didn’t come near the house). And then this morning we woke up to this. It’s still snowing and we probably have about 3” at this point. Poor Jeremy made a 1pm tee time for a quick round of golf this afternoon at a course north of us. I am hoping that it melts quickly so that he can still make it – he deserves to have some fun today because he has been working some crazy hours here lately.



      spelled fair!

      Well, what to say… no snow here but 31 degrees this morning. I jumped out of bed last night to run outside and cover tender plants. This is not fare.

      It really isn’t – it is supposed to get down to 28 tonight up here. BOOOOO.