This weekend was going to be the birthday weekend extravaganza! We had a kid party for Carter lined up on Saturday at the little gym and then a family party with 30+ guests on tap for Sunday afternoon.  Turning one is a big deal!

      And then it happened.

      Grandpa called me on friday because Grandma just tossed her cookies.  Carter seemed totally fine – his happy-go-lucky self with a mild mild case of diarrhea.  I called the doctor to report in (just in case) and heard about a nasty bug that is going around where symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  Best thing for us to do was to give Carter plenty of fluids and he would be fine.  Thankfully he hadn’t thrown up and seemed totally fine, but poor Grandma.

      Early Saturday morning Carter woke up and started crying.  I went into his room and couldn’t figure out what that awful smell was – until I looked in his crib.  He had thrown up sometime in the night and it was everywhere.  Poor little guy – I felt SO bad, but he happily played in the bathtub as we cleaned him up.  We made the decision at the point to cancel both of his parties and I am glad that we did.  He threw up again a little later in the morning and wasn’t eating much.  By Saturday night he developed the worst diaper rash I have seen and would howl every time we changed his diaper.

      So of course last night we got up at every little peep out of him.  He woke up around 1am hungry, so I brought him back downstairs for a bottle (we started giving him bottles to make sure we could get liquid and some nutrition in him).  Thankfully he went back to sleep pretty easily, but woke up again at 5:40am.  I brought him downstairs again, giving him a bottle and feeding him.  While we were snuggling, Bob the Builder came onto Sprout and I said, “Bob.”  Carter looked at me so I said it again.  Then he screwed up his face a little bit to try to figure out how to make the “bbbb” sound and out came “Bob”!  He did it again later in the day with Daddy too :)  Time to add another word to his list!

      His little bottom is still really red and we are still fighting the diarrhea, but he is in great spirits, running around and climbing everything.  Crossing my fingers that after today it is out of his system.  But I feel terrible – not only is it tough to be sick, the poor guy didn’t have a first birthday party.  Now we are trying to figure out how to throw together something fun and simple for next weekend and hopefully people will be able to come!

      Happy Birthday Little Snugglebug.  Even though this weekend wasn’t what we expected, I loved the snuggle time with you.