After the week of feeling like death, I am finally back up and running.  I had been meaning to do a quick post of some “notable changes” that Carter was making.  The first is the below video that Jeremy sent me while I was traveling.  Um, can you say MAKING MOMMY PROUD!?!?!! That’s my boy!

      The second big thing that Carter did last week was for Grandma.  Carter was playing and Grandma asked him to “…go find your Happy Halloween book and we will read a story.”  Carter stopped what he was doing, looked around, grabbed the right book, and brought it to her.  Uhhhh, yeah. 

      And we FINALLY have a word that we can prompt him to say and he will oblige us!  A couple weeks ago after picking Carter up, I tried to get him to say “car” and he was doing it.  Now he LOVES to say “car” and will point to a car when he says it.  It’s so neat to see him draw the associations.  Now, if only he would say “Mama”….


      I thinkk I’ve watched this video several times every day! I love going back to it again and again.

      That he is a mere 2 months or so older than the boys is amazing………….. Matt still falls over when he sits! LOLOL What a big boy! I love it!!