While I am letting the majority of 2019 go for now with regards to documenting, I did decide to pull together some photos I took in November. I tried to do a daily challenge, lasted probably two thirds of the month before the hectic of the holidays hit and I couldn’t quite keep up. All of this to say the challenge made me pick up my camera and I got a handful of photos I really like and a bunch of photos that I really like the memories from.

      Gavin started basketball at the beginning of the month and has moved to the full height hoop and a larger ball. This means extra practice outside when it isn’t dumping rain.

      We had an unexpected evening with just Carter and while we were waiting for a table at a restaurant, Carter and I found some interesting light to play with.

      Gavin finally found a book series that he devoured in several weeks. I could often find him sitting anywhere in the house, reading away.

      One Sunday we had some friends over to watch the Seahawks and I decided to pull out my off camera flash set up to play. And thanks to Jeremy for hitting the shutter.

      Best of friends on both counts – Gavin and Carter J could often be found making comics when they got together. And Mazy and Miss Meow always check in on each other.

      And then the kitties … not quite sure how Miss Meow is comfortable on the foosball table?? When it is cold out, Luna and Miss Meow tend to start snuggling.

      This kiddo has been trying to be better about practicing his piano. And I have been trying to find more interesting angles to shoot from.

      Family. Mark and Kim are finally moving back home after several years in California!

      Basketball games have begun! And these three started their own book club to read the series that Gavin got into.

      I put some slave labor to work, helping get the Christmas decorations out of the attic. And Kristen and I enjoyed a much needed wine tasting and catch up.

      This last photo means so much to me. I have posted several things on Instagram and I am going to copy it here so that I have a record of what I wrote:
      I honestly don’t know where to start.

      Their development this year has been phenomenal. Their bonding as a team has been more than I could ever imagine. The level of support from their families was beyond anything I have heard of.

      These boys are incredible.

      The privilege of coaching them leaves me speechless. I feel so fortunate to have been part of each players development and the surge of pride I have for every one of them makes my heart so full.

      They are amazing. And Champions.

      Well done taking home first place in the Cranberry Cup – I am so proud of each and every player.

      And thank you for letting me witness the talent, hard work and crazy that got you here – you guys rock!

      (And to catch things up – my mom and I coached Carters Select Soccer Team this year and had an amazing time!)