Over the last two weeks we have seem some remarkable changes in Gavin. He started counting to ten, always missing the number seven. What is even funnier is that Carter always missed five. Gavin is also trying the ABCs – he will try to repeat the letters after you and knows a handful of them, specifically “A” “B” “C” “J” “M” “O” “W” “X” “Y” and “Z”. He is also trying to say everything – I have a feeling in the next month we will see an enormous increase in his vocabulary.

      What is even better right now is that he and Carter are playing together and it is SO awesome. As I get things done around the house, they follow me throughout the rooms and play with toys or chase each other. We have pulled down the baby gates and are slowly pulling the baby proofing from our house, BUT I had to add in knob covers over our gas stove because Gavin crawled up there the other day and was attempting to light a burner… lovely. And this is just the beginning with two boys…

      Here is the little man with Carter’s rain boots on – these boots are big on Carter and it was hysterical watching him try to walk around in them!