We finally made it out to get our Christmas tree this weekend. Being in a new city meant that we needed to find a new place to get a tree and we didn’t want to just go to a run-of-the-mill lot if we could help it. Luck was on our side then we stumbled upon the Red-Wood Christmas Tree farm not ten minutes from our house. But then luck wasn’t with us when we learned that they closed down the U-Cut portion of the lot the night before. Ah well, here is to next year!

      Having never been to a Christmas tree farm, it was pretty fun. Biggest difference was that after you select your tree (from the lot they had there), they cut the end off and put it on a machine that shakes it so all the loose needles come off. Then they offer bailing, which is basically a net to wrap around your tree. Since we live so close, we didn’t opt for that, but pretty cool that they had it!

      So here are the photos from our day – the Christmas tree selection to decorating it once we got it in the house. Carter was very excited about the tree and getting to decorate, so we let him put the ornaments where ever he wanted to (and decided to skip the fragile glass ball ornaments completely). Our tree is pretty sparse on the decoration front, but it is well loved by a little boy who basically tried to keep putting things in the same spot.

      Carter was cracking me up as we were waiting for someone to help us. His expression here is priceless:


      Then after picking our tree, Carter tried to convince us to get a different one:


      I have no idea what he was doing, other than he looked like he was saying, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


      Meanwhile, Gavin participated in his own way for the selection of the tree:


      I was trying to get a before picture here and the absolute BEST part is the imp that made it into the bottom right corner:


      Carter carefully putting an ornament on:


      Gavin has stayed away from it for the most part, however I bet money he knocks it over before the new year while trying to pull himself up:


      And the final product with the decorations master posing in front!




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