On Wednesday we headed to Carpinito Brothers to select our Christmas tree.  By the time we got there, Carter was sound asleep – so much so that when Jeremy pulled him out of his car seat & put his big jacket on, he didn’t wake up.  Once we stepped outside, the freezing cold hit and he woke right up.  Carter was curious about the tree after Jeremy put it up, but only a little :)  He liked the lit up garland that I have everywhere.

      Our Christmas presents arrived on friday.  I ordered three new car seats on cyber Monday because Carter has completely outgrown the infant carrier.  These will get him to 65lbs and then we can move into a booster.  They are very safe, comfortable, and higher up so he can see outside better.  I can’t wait until he can go forward facing, he will be way happier at that point.  Cons to this seat – they are bigger and bulkier than other seats, but for us, not a big deal since he is the only one in the backseat more often than not.  And they are not cheap.

      The 3rd Annual Halbert Holiday party was on Saturday – it was so much fun to see many of our friends and family that we don’t often get to.  Biggest change this year was the large number of kids under age 10 that were running around all night.  Carter was the youngest at 8 months, then Logan (11 months), Cooper (18 months), Landon (almost 2), Riley (3), Lily (4), Reese (4), Nikki (7), Taylor (8), and Ryan (9).  It was so much fun, totally loud and chaotic and a definite flash-forward for our lives when Carter is mobile and can talk! Biggest hit of the night were Kimmy’s Pomegranate Martini’s – SO GOOD!  Of course I have way too much food and alcohol left over – we are going to be eating appetizers for dinner for the next three months!

      We are going through a crazy cold snap right now – the low temps are supposed to dip into the teens tonight & it isn’t supposed to be above freezing as a high temperature over the next few days.  Too bad we don’t have any precipitation heading our way, I would love a good snow!  In the meantime, I have my first business trip this week.  I am heading down to California Tuesday and Wednesday and it will be my first night away from Carter.  Can’t say I am looking forward to it … maybe I will take a webcam with me :-)

      This morning my little boy had his first true little boy moment.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up and he was playing with this little truck (like a matchbox car, but bigger and plastic).  Normally “playing with” entails putting the car in his mouth and hanging out.  Today he was crawling around the island in the kitchen while pushing his car around on the floor!  I almost cried – he is getting so big!

      I will get pictures posted at some point – Carter is trying to fall asleep and every time I leave his line of sight, he freaks!



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