Today is my 35th birthday – oh how time does fly. As I was feeding Gavin early this morning, I thought it would be interesting to note some of the things I have observed over my life so far. This is just a quick list prior to running Jeremy to the airport – please feel free to comment any of your life observations below!

      • Remove “never” from my vocabulary. For instance, “My child would never behave like that” Yeah. Hello terrible two’s where the devil controls your kid. “I would never let a baby cry.” Sure you would – if you have another one crying in pain and needed attention first. “I would never wear socks with sandals.” Okay, I need to modify this to removing most instances of never in my vocabulary.
      • If someone says something offensive or hurtful to you, more than likely they did not intend it. Marriage has taught me this one (going both ways – I have been hurt and done the hurting) and more often than not the intention was absolutely not to hurt, but rather what was said wasn’t thought through completely. I try to give the benefit of the doubt more often than not.
      • Focus on accessorizing when you are having a fat day/week/month/year/life. When your jeans are too tight, put your attention on shoes and purses. Why do you think women can never have enough shoes or purses??
      • Laugh lines are a sign of living life and having character, they are not a flaw.
      • Your experiences change everything – I give myself the right to negate these observations at any point in time, especially with regards to laugh lines.

      Okay, I have to run. I may have more to add later when I have more time!


      Observations after 66 yrs: Daughters are special.

      For a girl.

      Happy Birthday, and, fantastic observations. And I enjoy that you are 6 months older than me. HAHAH!

      Especially true is the “never” removal. And, I wouldn’t bet that you will never wear socks with sandals. Strange circumstances call for strange footwear…

      Have a great day!