Lots happening this month – with Fall in full swing and our jump into the holiday season. Here are the photos from my phone throughout the month.

      <Cookie at the grocery store, HUGE tractor pushing hay into a pile on the side of the road, the Leavenworth Half Marathon, Swim lessons, the drive to Remlinger Farms, zoning out on the phones (mama needed a moment), SO MUCH LAUNDRY ALL THE TIME, fall decorations are out, and random fruit snacks on the ottoman>OctoberLumiagraphy1

      <Trick of putting ice in wine – keeps it cold & you stay a little more hydrated! My morning perch, leaves changing, Gavin zonked out at 6pm, sunset on the way to soccer, trying out xbox, Carters pumpkin he drew all by himself, trial & error with the underwear, awesome new beef stew recipe, more fog (seriously the 3rd foggiest October on record!), breakfast, hanging at grandma’s, shopping at Costco, another awesome sunset, and awake at 11pm>


      <Watching Nikki’s play, Nikki the pirate, grown-ups night out at the husky game, tribute to the late Don James – many of the players he coached came on the field at half time, Jody’s baby shower, our first frost, haircuts with color, drawing while out to dinner, I make the BEST caramel latte ever, and the MUMMY out for Halloween (he only comes out on Halloween night because he freaks Carter out)!!>OctoberLumiagraphy3