At least my own personal Rapture that is.

      Moving day friday was awesome – the weather was gorgeous, we had a ton of help and WE WERE MOVING IN! My first peony in the yard had just opened up and the house was even better than I realized. I just kept pausing throughout the day to look around me and marvel at our dream home. And it really is our dream home. We had a couple of snafu’s on friday that were fixed – the waterfall wouldn’t work and Papa fiddled around with it and got it going again. It was absolutely lovely and made our little paradise complete.

      Our yard has lighting throughout and over half of them did not come on once it was dark outside. And on Saturday morning when I got up at the crack of dawn (literally) to feed Gavin, I looked outside and the waterfall had stopped. Great…

      Then when I unplugged my phone, I had a “critically low battery” message, even after it had been charging all night. Uhh, what?? All of this around 5am.

      So I researched the battery thing and got it fixed (software issue with the phone – dare I say typical?). For the waterfall, later in the day I pulled apart the skimmer on the side and tried to rotate the pump to see if it would work again (which is what Papa did to get it fixed the last time). After a ton of attempts, it started working again, but only for about 30 seconds before it triggered the GFI switch again. Great. I emailed a pond place and found out that the pump is likely at the end of its life. I asked if they could come clean the pond/replace the pump and lights that are out. Sure, but not until JUNE 30th. Got them scheduled anyway.

      Saturday was also the day of installs and deliveries. The Direct TV guy showed up first and left last. Thankfully he was awesome. Then came the washer and dryer guys. I bought the top-of-the-line GE Profile washer and dryer since I do SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Mark and Kim have this and they love it – it has auto dispense detergent and the washer and dryer talk to each other so you don’t have to carry over dryer settings. I was SO excited to have it!

      Until I ran the first load.

      The washer was possessed. POSSESSED. It jumped all over the laundry room every time it went into a spin cycle and took well over four hours to not even complete a load of laundry. What the heck?? Jeremy called the place we bought it from, who transferred us to customer service, who said they would try to get the truck  back out there to see if the guys could fix it and would call us right back, and then we got radio silence. Enter flaming mad mommy with a ton of laundry to do and TWO LITTLE BOYS. At one point I was trying to get Carter to sleep and he was screaming, Gavin was screaming, and I was trying to hold on for dear life while the load of infant clothes were spinning just so I could get them into the dryer not sopping wet. Yeah, I was happy. Let’s just say they got an earful in both email and on the phone Sunday.

      So you think there was no such thing as Rapture? You should have been at my house.



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