We have been having some crazy cold weather here this week. On friday we didn’t even reach 30 degrees. The last two days have barely made it into the thirties and the lows at night have fallen all the way down to twenty. We occasionally will get a day or two like that, but not an extended period of time – this is supposed to last until mid this week!

      Yesterday we left while it was still dark out to catch a ferry to Poulsbo. When we got home, this is what we found in our backyard:


      These photos don’t really do this justice – this waterfall has an extremely strong water supply pushing through it. I got a crazy large pump when I replaced it last year and when you sit next to it, it is overwhelmingly loud. So with that amount of water churning through it, I was really surprised to see it had iced over this much! I am curious what will happen in the next two days if it doesn’t warm up…