We stayed home with Carter on Monday, hoping to get him just a little bit better before shipping him off to Grandma’s.  He seemed to be turning around, so Tuesday we decided to go back to our normal schedule.  We are still battling the diaper rash and diarrhea, but he seems to be perking up more and more every day.

      Yesterday while Grandma was feeding him his lunch, the grandfather clock in the living room sounded.  Carter stopped what he was doing, turned to look through the doorway to where the clock is, and said, “Clock.”  Grandma got him to say it several more times, so we have another word to add.  She also claims that he said “clap” that afternoon, but I still think it is like “duck” and she is hearing things ;-)  On the drive home, we worked on saying “bye bye” and he kept playing with the bbbb sound, so that may be the next one!  He is definitely trying new sounds and is wanting to communicate, so it is so much fun as he learns to put everything together!

      Last night he also learned a new trick (clearly he is feeling fine):


      Oh!  And I forgot to mention he has been high-fiving for several weeks now.  When you hold your hand up and say, “High Five!” he starts hitting it with his hand.  SO CUTE!