So I have mentioned multiple times that I really should post some before/after photos of how crazy my yard got this summer with all the plants.  Typically it would take me an hour and a half to water my yard in the summer – longer if the temperature got above 90.  After this summer, it pretty much was always longer.

      I should have photoshop’d the lawn green in the "after" photos, but you will quickly see why I am now getting bids from all sorts of contractors to put a sprinkler system in our yard.  The lawn is DEAD (*ahem, this was Jeremy’s responsibility).  Next summer I don’t anticipate being able to spend hours and hours a week taking care of it appropriately, so we are going to bite the bullet and get a sprinkler system installed.  The contractor I spoke with today also informed me that I could get drip systems for all of my baskets as well (YEEE!).  Scared how much it will cost though…

      The slideshow of the yard