The last three weeks have been challenging. Fun, but challenging. Jeremy got bronchitis and is now in week four of trying to fight it off. Both the kids got sick, then they got me sick. So we have been dealing with illness for way too long. Worst part was the hottest weather came when all I wanted to do was sleep and my dirt pile took an extra week to vanish. And then every time I wanted to do the 10 on 10 for May … well, it just didn’t work out. So it is just going to happen a little later in the month because I don’t need another thing to worry about.

      But now we are on the mend. In fact I finally took out the big camera last week to get a few shots of the boys playing. They still weren’t feeling super hot (as witnessed by double-barrel snot for Gavin), but the weather was nice and we needed to enjoy it. I am glad that we did too, because the rain has returned to the northwest.