Wow, the first week FLEW by. Trying to learn how to juggle two kids at once is going to be a challenge (to say the least). It is the feeding times that are the hardest (obviously) because you are so tied down. Thankfully Jeremy was off all week and we have tag-teamed everything so far. Monday I am doing a trial run in the morning all by myself (Jeremy has to work) and it is going to be interesting. Keep your fingers crossed … I may have to spike my coffee to kill the pain.

      Gavin and Carter are WAY different and I am thankful for that. Gavin has a lot of dark hair, I think his eyes will likely end up being dark (though it is still too early to tell), he has beautiful skin and coloring, and he is a great sleeper so far!! He always seems to have a 3-3.5 hour stretch at night and then another 2-3 hour one, so I am not suffering from the crazies due to lack of sleep.

      The biggest difference is that Gavin is a pokey eater and based on his one week weight check, he isn’t getting enough nutrients. He dropped from 8lbs 10oz to 8lbs 5oz when we left the hospital, to 8lbs 4.5oz on day 3 check up, to 8lbs 2.5oz yesterday. I now have to supplement each feeding with one ounce of Similac to make sure he is getting enough nourishment. Last night was the first night that we had the supplemental feedings and he went 4 hours and 45 minutes, to where I startled myself awake and checked the itzbeen and woke him up to make sure he did eat. In hindsight, we should have done this with Carter too and I bet he wouldn’t have been as fussy at night.

      I have had one melt-down point where I was at Costco on Friday with Grandma and the kids and Gavin needed a diaper change. Braving the Costco bathroom, the poor guy had a poopy diaper that was stuck all over his bottom and wouldn’t come off and then I saw fresh blood and realized that his circumcision site was still bleeding. Of course this sent me into a panic and he was crying hysterically while I tried to get his diaper changed and I had all these horrible situations running through my head about what was going on with him. Thankfully we had a nurse check him out and he is okay, just taking longer to heal, but oh my gosh it was emotionally exhausting. And this poor kid just can’t catch a break.

      Okay, so here is my list about Gavin for the first week:

      • He can hold his head up already and has been able to since the day he was born. Guess this is what over-cooking gets you!
      • He has tears already and I was amazed at that – with Carter it took him a couple of months before he had tears, with Gavin it was within the first few days.
      • He only cries when he needs something – food, diaper change, burping. It is awesome, he seems like such a mellow kid (so far!).
      • His cry is super quiet and I forgot how the infant cry is so different from baby/kid cries.
      • He is a snuggler (FINALLY GOT ONE) and he loves to snuggle up to your face and cuddle.
      • He was so mashed up right after he was born, I was wondering if I was going to have one of those kids that people are just being polite about when they say he is cute. Over the last week his face has filled out again and I think I can say with certainty, he is pretty stinking cute (I promise photos will come soon – I have been taking them, just haven’t had a chance to process them yet).
      • It has been challenging with the broken clavicle – we have to be super careful when dressing him and keeping his arm pinned into position. He is a champ though and only occasionally the pain seems to get to him. We are going to have to figure out how to do tummy time with that challenge as well and are worried about him getting flat spots on his head from being on his back all the time.

      Gavin’s first doctors appointment stats:

      • Height: 21 inches, 92nd percentile (I asked how he grew an inch in three days and they said his legs probably hadn’t fully stretched yet at the hospital)
      • Weight: 8lbs 4.5oz (80th percentile)
      • Head Circumference: 14.25” (65th percentile)

      I will try to get photos posted in the next day or two – It has been CRAZY trying to juggle everything!



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