It was around 3am one year ago today that I woke up with contractions and at 3:24pm, Gavin Charles made his grand entrance into the world. He came out a sweet, mellow, lovely little fellow and has continued on that path ever since. I cannot believe that he is already one year old today.

      I had forgotten that he had a broken clavicle, how his first week of life was so rough between irregularity and circumcision issues. I can’t believe he rolled over at 13.5 weeks old, started moving forward at 6 months, walked a week shy of 10 months, and had his first words “Who’s That?” at 11 months. He looks more like a little boy than a baby now and this is just the beginning.

      So our list of favorite things for months 11 to 12:

      • He will sing “Ashes, Ashes, Down!” when we do ring around the rosy and it is AWESOME! So stinkin cute.
      • “Yeah” could not be a sweeter word. Every time you ask a question, he will respond with “Yeah!” in such an adorable voice. He knows the intonation of a question, so he knows to respond that way. The other day, he also responded “Na” to Jeremy, so I think we might be getting to a yes/no phase. I remember that with Carter and communication got SO MUCH EASIER.
      • I think Gavin might have a bit of a temper. Upon being told no he will pretty much give you a piece of his mind in the form of yelling/crying.
      • When around new people, he will bury his head in your shoulder or legs and hold on tight. It is so sweet.
      • Gavin is a climber and still is going up on the ledge in front of our fireplace. Initially we blockaded it with toys, now we are working on keeping him down. We aren’t very successful, lol.
      • He is running now – he loves chasing Carter and being chased. He is still a little wobbly, but for the most part is able to stay on his feet.
      • Hide and Seek and Peek-A-Boo are still favorite games of his. Carter likes to hide behind the stools in the island and Gavin has started going there to hide as well.
      • Gavin has moved onto more solid foods – his favorites right now are the toddler ravioli and mac-n-cheese.
      • When he is tired, he pretty much will plow into blankets and pillows on the ground and lay there.

      I have to say that I love this age. His personality is just starting to come out and he is a happy guy who smiles most of the time. And he can’t talk back and cop an attitude, haha.

      Here is our man of the day, eating cake at his party on Sunday:



      So cute…it makes me nostalgic for my baby girl who is now a teen!