How in the world is my baby a year old?!?  Last night at about 8pm I turned to Jeremy and said, “Almost exactly one year ago I figured out I was in labor.”  That was the beginning of one of the biggest adventures of our lives.  And what a year it has been!  We woke up this morning and sang Happy Birthday to Carter and he giggled with us, it was the best way in the world to start our day!

      We have our doctor’s appointment at 10am to get his check-up and shots, so I will post his height/weight stats and comments later today.  In the meantime, here is a list of our favorite things:

      • Carter stomps his feet now when he is excited/dancing/for fun – it is so cute!  He especially likes stomping across the little bridge in Grandma’s front yard.
      • He has recently started clapping along with songs that he likes and rocking back and forth when he is sitting down (his dancing when he sits)
      • He plays football!  Jeremy will say, “Blue 42. Blue 42. HIKE!” and Carter runs away from him so Jeremy can throw a football over his head (see the video below)
      • Carter runs.  Full out runs.  Where you get nervous because if he falls, there will be damage.
      • He has started to squint his eyes when he smiles
      • He seems to always wake up within 10 minutes of 6am anymore.  Poor Mommy and Daddy.
      • Carter is a climber – of EVERYTHING.  I bought a storage cube that functions as a little side table and put it next to his basketball hoop.  The base of the hoop comes up a little bit and I turn around for a second, and when I looked back at him, Carter was STANDING on top of the cube grinning his, “Look at me!” grin.  So glad I bought the tall gates!
      • Carter now spits food out/removes it from his mouth if he doesn’t like it.  He wasn’t too keen on fresh pineapple this morning!
      • If Carter wants something, he makes this  “eehhhh eehhhhhh” noise while he points to what he wants (can’t wait for him to talk)
      • (From Grandpa) Carter is very tough, very curious, and very focused.  He easily entertains himself, he is not a whiner, and he is the poster child for “Now that’s a real boy to the core.” He is always a happy kid with the best smile in the world! 
      • Carter LOVES bubbles (as you can see below).


      Football Video:


      O. M. G….!!! (Gorgeous bubble shot, btw!)