I took Carter and Gavin to the doctor on Monday for the three year and one year well child exams. Both of them have grown a ton:

      Carter’s 3 year appointment:
      Height: 37.4”, 40th percentile (at two he was 34”, 40th percentile) Grew over three inches this year!
      Weight: 34.4lbs, 80th percentile (at two he was 29.8 lbs, 70th percentile) Almost five pounds heavier!

      The doctor was impressed he could count to thirty and do some basic math (addition and subtraction with items that are in front of him). She was surprised he spelled his name for her and knew the phonics (what letter does dog start with, etc.). When she asked if he could draw circles, she was again surprised when I explained he likes to draw these tiny tiny little circles. All in all a good report

      Gavin’s 1 year appointment":
      Height: 30 7/8ths”, 80th percentile (at 10 months he was 30.5”, 85th percentile
      Weight: 22lbs, 9.5oz, 45th percentile (at 10 months he was 22lbs, 5oz, 65th percentile)
      Head: 18.8”, 80th percentile (at 10 months he was 18 5/8”, 80th percentile)

      Gavin had a lot of surprised for the doctor too. He is walking really well now and his coordination is strong. He sang, “Ashes, Ashes, DOWN!” to her (he started doing that about 3-4 weeks ago) and she laughed when I told her his first words were, “Who’s that?” Gavin also says “Ya!” and “Naw!” now as well. His weight trajectory has dipped down a bit, but not enough to be concerning when I told her all he does is eat. Sounds like the walking now expends way more energy for him and he is potentially going through a growth spurt. She also love that he clapped his hands when you said “Yay!” and would wave good bye when asked. Again, another good report!

      Here is a quick snapshot of the boys. I let Gavin sit at the table for the first time and Carter was goofing around with him. They are starting to play together more now, it is so much fun!