One year ago today I walked out of the Microsoft Offices no longer an employee and oh how time flies! No, I did not get the boys rooms painted and decorated. Nope, didn’t get our master bedroom painted and decorated. And the Bonus Room? Yep, that either.

      I did get to spend some quality time with my two boys though and watch them grow through some pretty amazing phases. Some were so much fun – like Gavin learning to walk, learning to talk, and coming into his personality. Carter getting funnier by the day and watching his imagination grow leaps and bounds. Some weren’t much fun – like dealing with “three” with Carter that included not listening, a sarcasm that should only be fitting to adults, temper tantrums in various forms, and pushing … pushing … pushing every button I had. Gavin was still easy, but oh how that is now changing as he nears two.

      I also spent some time focusing on myself this year. I finally got into better shape again, lost about twenty pounds and completed three half marathons. One I was able to run, the other two I walked and did a run/walk. Because of that I finally got surgery to fix my knee, so 2013 I can run the two half marathon’s I am already signed up for.

      Jeremy and I got to travel together this year as well. It was nice to remember that we do work well as two individuals without kids pulling us in ten different directions.

      Do I miss having a corporate job? Sometimes. You use your brain in a much different way, not to mention you get a break from the demands of being “mom”. I miss the people, I miss the problem solving, but you know what? I don’t miss the politics. I don’t miss the guilt from not being part of all the things that my kids are doing. I don’t miss the stress, especially the stress of balancing it all.

      Looking back, this last year was hard for so many reasons, with so many ups and downs with the boys. But I would choose that any day. They made me a stronger person, a more patient parent (annnnd sometimes not!), and they made me self-critical in a whole new way … nothing like seeing yourself in your child!

      And 2013? What will that be like? Another year of *maybe* getting some painting and decorating done. A lot of enjoying our beautiful yard in the spring and summer with my three guys. A trip or two here or there. Lots of photography. And my one New Years Resolution of using our formal dining room at least a few times throughout the year, instead of just on holidays.

      Here is a photo my lovely husband took of me on our trip in October:



      Sounds like a successful year, if not a hard fought one! CANNOT BELIEVE it’s been a year already – seriously time flies! Congrats on all of it. :)

      What a wonderful observation of the year, and what a beautiful picture of you.

      Thanks so much Jan! We need to get a dinner scheduled soon – it’s been too long!