Today Carter and I decided to call Grandma to see if she wanted to brave Babies-R-Us with us as our first outing since coming home from the hospital.  Still not quite yet on a predictable schedule, this could go really well or we could potentially have to deal with some blow out diapers and feedings in public.  Thankfully our timing was impeccable and Carter slept the entire time we were gone & it was very easy.

      We had another couple of firsts today.  Carter decided to show Daddy that there are times where you have to use three different diapers in one changing alone and Daddy had to learn how to duck for cover during one!  I have to say my husband is wonderful, as this occurred while they were letting me get an extra hour of sleep this morning early.

      It is amazing how much time you can sit and stare at one little face and enjoy every expression that crosses it.  My favorite is when he makes a perfect little “o” with his mouth and looks around.  He can only see 8-12 inches away right now and tonight he focused on my face for awhile while I talked to him.

      Tomorrow our goal is to take a ton of pictures!  I should be able to get them posted this weekend when Jeremy isn’t working and can help a bit more during the day.



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