We decided last minute to register Carter in classes at the Little Gym this week, figuring he is now at the age where exposure to other kids is good.  Plus the class description sounded like it would help start to channel that ever-growing energy in our little man.  So on Wednesday, Grandma packed him up and took him out to Issaquah where …. he was the only kid.  Yup, that’s right, the only kid in the class.  The instructor worked one on one with him for the hour and then encouraged my mom to go to the Bellevue location, where five kids were signed up.  And the Bellevue class is on Thursday.  So, grandma packed Carter up again today and took him out to Bellevue where he had an absolute blast!

      Four of the five kids have birthdays within a week and a half of Carter and the fifth was 8 months old.  I guess Carter was by far the biggest of the 5-month-olds too, so I am really curious to get his percentages at the end of the month during his 6-month check up.  The Instructor for this class was the owner of the company and was absolutely fantastic.  He played the guitar and everyone sang along to the songs!  I guess Carter was pretty quiet and just watched everything intently.  Grandma did say that he and another little boy got into a staring contest where their faces were like three inches from each other.  Have to love little kids who have no concept of personal space!  haha.  The instructor couldn’t believe that he was basically crawling already too (me either).  We are going to see if Grandma can take a few photos next week of the whole thing.



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