I have a few minutes break in between meetings to catch everyone up on some very important news. I finally outted myself at work to everyone yesterday and told them that no, I am not getting into the cookie jar a little too often, I was indeed pregnant. Funny reactions ranged from the girls saying, “I thought those pants were a little too baggy – your butt is not that big” to the warm reception of my new manager, “That is fantastic news, congratulations and take as much time off as you can!” (WHEW! I wasn’t sure how my new manager was going to react and that was beyond awesome! Oh, and it was totally déjà vu – exact same situation happened when I was pregnant with Carter … new General Manager of our group)

      The baby is due March 14th – sorry daddy! you may have to share your birthday! I do look like I have hit the cookie jar, as I am midway through Week 15 and in my second trimester. The baby is about the size of an apple and has already given me a belly. Not the cute “I have a baby bump” belly, but rather a cookie jar belly. I think I am showing a lot faster this time around because my insides were already loose from Carter – kind of uncomfortable to think about, but true. Last time it was Week 19 where I “popped” into a baby belly. Wonder if it will happen earlier this time? I will take a 16 week photo this weekend since I now am getting bigger.

      I was a little nauseous the first trimester on occasion and had a little stomach cramping. The biggest difference was the complete and utter exhaustion. With Carter I could come home from work and lay around. Now I come home from work and chase a toddler. I don’t think I have ever been that tired. And I know it is just a small preview of what is to come, there are points in time when I think that we lost our minds with this decision, but there is no turning back!

      We are going to find out the sex of the baby this time too – I am leaning towards thinking it is a girl since I have been a bit more emotional that I ever was with Carter. Figure the extra estrogen in my system is not helping me! But really, who knows. Only four and a half more weeks (or so) until we find out!


      That’s exciting to know in four weeks. Sorry about the exhaustion.


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