I told everyone at work this week that I am pregnant – reactions were great.  Everyone was really happy and very supportive, especially my manager.  Now here’s to crossing my fingers that he stays my manager! (Have to love all the re-orgs we go through).

      I FINALLY took pictures of the house to post – please ignore the different small states of disarray in the house.  Couple of caveats – we are still missing photos in the media room on that big blank wall (and the paintings that were up in the before look odd because they were there for a different arranged room).  I have to special order some larger sizes still, so I have frames, but no photos yet.  Also the colors aren’t as accurately represented with a flash as they are when you see them in person, but hey, you get the general idea :) 

      Our color palette (all Benjamin Moore):
      Living Room/Dining Room/Garage Entry/Upstairs hall: Providence Olive
      Large Wall in Living: Georgian Brick
      Large Wall in Entry/Staircase/Powder Room/Laundry Room: Texas Leather
      Large Wall in Entry above staircase: Abingdon Putty
      Media Room: New London Burgundy
      Kitchen: York Harbor Yellow
      Family Room: Rust


      Oh, and contrats on your mgr being totally supportive – wonderful!  :-)

      Wow!!!  It looks amazing!  Are you guys seriously telling me you painted ALL OF THAT YOURSELVES?  That is a major accomplishment in of itself!  ;-)  My living room is a similar color green, so I love the color.  Great job!


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