If I can’t see you, that means I am invisible!  That is the new game that Carter started to play when he hid his head from Scary Uncle Scott – it was so adorable and funny.  Then last night he started playing Peek A Boo with his blanket, pulling it up over his face and then pulling it down and grinning.  He was doing it again in his car seat this morning on the drive to see Santa and while we were waiting for Santa’s Workshop to open.

      Jeremy and I decided we wanted to wait in a minimal line and not deal with people when we took him to see Santa, so we decided that going during the week and right when it opened was the best idea.  That way we only would hopefully have a short wait and hopefully not have to deal with a crowd.  It was the smartest thing we could have done – we got there 15 minutes before it opened and were first in line and there was hardly anyone there.  No swine flu for us!

      We pretty much counted on Carter melting down, but he did fantastically.  I will scan and post the photo tonight – he even had a half smile!  He didn’t freak until he turned around and looked at Santa, and even then it was a minor meltdown that went along the lines of a moan-cry where you could see him thinking, “Who IS this guy??”  The next few years will definitely be more fun because Carter can ask for things from Santa, where this year he just wanted off of his lap!

      Oh, one more fun thing – in the last two weeks or so, Carter has started to put his arms up to reach for you when he wants to be picked up.  SO CUTE!

      And here is Carter with Santa


      I like the Santa who was at your party better!!!

      Where’s the vids?


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