This weekend flew by!  The weather was amazing (except I did get a sunburn, but I will take it!) and I got so much done in the yard.  Carter hung out with me in his Sun Dome or with Daddy inside and I got the front yard 80% planted.  I still need to finish our front island (need to add a second layer of landscaping blocks & then plant) and also weed and plant some impatiens by the sidewalk.  Last step will be to add bark next weekend & it is DONE!  WOOOWHOOO!!!  It is looking sooo fantastic, I will post before and after photos once we get it barked and complete.

      Jeremy pressure washed the patio in the back, but we are going to need to do one more round on it next weekend after all the round up kills the grass, moss, and weeds that have grown inside the brick.  We pulled down the little green fence that kept Lucy out of the garden area and moved the swing into the back corner and it opened up the patio a ton!  Looks so much better and feels like we are using more of our yard, rather than just the patio.  I foresee a lot of bbq’s in our future!