Wow, it has been two years.  Two years since Chip, Sandy, Chase, Chloe, and Charley left for India and now they are FINALLY home!  And it is amazing how much everyone has changed.  Chase is taller than I am, now has a deep voice, and has matured in ways I didn’t expect.  Chloe has shot up, has a sassy new haircut, and is still the sweetest girl ever.  And Charley, she is no longer a little girl anymore.  I bet she is going to pass up Chloe in terms of height and has lost any lingering “baby” look that she had prior to leaving.

      I realized today that this next week is really about perspective.  Chloe, Charley, and I took Lucy for a walk before heading out to the cabin.  As we were walking around the block, Charley looked down and said, “Oh look!  There is a pinecone!  I haven’t seen one of those in a really long time.”  Small comments, and learning about the big lifestyle differences, have definitely opened my eyes to how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful area and have such convenience at our finger tips to make our daily life simple and streamlined, and well, convenient.  The stories that have been shared, from how difficult laundry can be or even preparing food, to learning how to navigate water shortages (it could be turned off for a week at a time) and even how to deal with water that has to be filtered/cleaned or it could make you very sick.

      It is wonderful to have everyone back home again and we have all picked up where we left off.  We started our evening with a stop at Alpen Burger on the way to the cabin – everyone needed beef and these are the best burgers and worth the stop!  Thursday was pretty lazy – everyone spent time laying around the cabin, relaxing and dealing with the jet lag.  We enjoyed a walk where there were only a handful of mosquito’s (which this time of year is unheard of) and today we are going to head into town for a bit.  I need to break out the camera today so that I can get some photos of everyone.