My niece Chloe is interested in photography so this weekend she came to stay with us so that we could do a photo walk and talk about all things photography related. I am sure you could imagine I didn’t have much to say *hahahahaha*. By the end of the weekend she was shooting in manual mode and understood the basics of the exposure triangle, plus we had a crash course in Lightroom and she now understands the power behind that program.

      I was trying to think of a good place to take her that would help her learn the mechanics behind the camera and Snoqualmie Falls came to mind – nothing like a waterfall to learn how shutter speed works! So off we went, with the intent of walking through the small town of Snoqualmie as well. Boy were we in for a surprise … it was Railroad Days! We scored rock star parking and she took her Canon 20D with my 24-70 lens and I took my 5DMark II with my 70-200 lens and we walked and talked and shot and shot. And probably a half dozen people stopped me to ask about that lens, it was definitely a conversation starter, as you can see below!

      Here are the shots I got of Snoqualmie Falls & then a photo of Chloe. Having a HUGE zoom lens didn’t really help my composition much, it was tough to try to get then entire thing in the frame – but that was what this walk was about for me … I needed to learn my new lens.SnoqualmieFallsSnoqualmie-3562

      Here is Chloe, her cute nervous smile and then she composed and took a photo of the restored trains in Snoqualmie.Chloe

      This is Ray – he is one of the many who stopped to talk to me about the monster lens on my camera. Ray works as a volunteer at the Northwest Railway and had all sorts of interesting stories about the train cars that were being used this weekend. In the town of Snoqualmie there is a huge building where these old cars come for restoration and storage – apparently there is a car dating back into the late 1800s (their oldest) and the oldest one on the tracks today was from the 1920s. I think we will take the boys there next weekend to take a look. And Ray was a character – after speaking with him for a good ten minutes, I finally asked if I could take his photo.Snoqualmie-3599

      There was a crazy tree right by the trains that had these poof ball looking flowers. Loved the texture of them.Snoqualmie-3595

      There were art murals on the sides of some of the buildings, so I had to catch Chloe taking her photo of it.Snoqualmie-3602

      We saw what looked like a tractor of some sort that was on the rail line and the sheer industrial look of it caught my eye – it was so out of place in this little town nestled into the mountains.Snoqualmie-3605

      And this give you more of an idea what the backdrop was like for where we were – the mountains were surrounding us.Snoqualmie-3601

      After lunch we stumbled onto a chainsaw demonstration. I caught this succession of photos as this guy cut through a log in seconds. Then another person stopped me about my lens and we learned from him that this guy is on a US Team and is rated number one in the nation in speed for sawing through a log. And I cannot for the life of me remember his name!Chainsaw

      Another cool art mural on the side of a building, was such a cool name/logo/concept for a eatery. It made me think of hobbits with their traveling sticks.Snoqualmie-3614

      And my self portrait – I was there too!Snoqualmie-3630



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