My mouse died. Which means I am REALLY behind in trying to get photos processed and posted. Editing photos without a mouse is painful (laptop touch pads suck). But I am back and it is a foggy morning and cooler outside, so I am trying to catch up.

      I posted the video Jeremy pulled together of this day, but here are the still photos to go with it. Carter wants to go play mini golf again, Gavin is still just too little to be able to stick it out that long. Got to see our first alligator, granted it was a baby and at mini golf, but still cool. We continue to have gorgeous sunsets and it is making me want to stay forever.


      When we headed to the beach, Jeremy brought the boys hotdog dinner so they could munch and watch the sunset. Then the seagulls attacked. There had to be about thirty of them dive bombing him, trying to get at the hotdogs.