Holy Wilderness. At the recommendation of my parents, we headed out to Everglade City to catch their annual Seafood Festival and to take a boat ride into the mangroves in the swampy parts of the Everglades. Took us about an hour and a half to drive south through Naples and out into the Everglades.

      After getting out boat tour tickets, we stopped for a lunch along the water and watched a pelican, then headed back to the park to wait an hour and a half before our boat tour began and watched another bird fishing in the water. The boys were entertaining during that wait – they found branches that were “gun” shapes and then proceeded to run around killing the bad guys. Whatever it takes!


      This boat ride is unlike anything I have ever been on before. The sheer volume of wildlife we saw was staggering – our trip started out with playing with the dolphins at the entrance to the river, before moving on towards the mangroves. These photos don’t do it justice – they were diving under us and playing right next to the boat. The second photo is of a mama and her calf. And then there is the Seahawk that just caught its dinner.


      This guy was a beautiful pink color – according to my parents, it is a Rosette Spoonbill.


      And off into the wilderness we went – there were so many birds. My dad said that he and my mom counted nine different varieties throughout the trip. I honestly have no idea, there were just a LOT of birds. But the most stunning part of this whole experience was when we entered the mangroves. At first there were a few egrets that would take off down into the mangroves to get away from us as we entered. And then all the sudden there were a ton of them. These photos really don’t do it justice – it was one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen. And it kept happening over and over again. And not only did we see all these birds … we finally found an alligator! By the end of the boat ride, Gavin was worn out and falling asleep…




      Holy crap! These are AMAZING!!!!! WOWOWOW!!!

      Thanks Carrie – I haven’t done too much nature photography before and oh my it could get addicting! The subject matter was outstanding and we were there at the right time of day, all in all it was so awesome!!

      The eagle shot is pretty sweet.

      Thanks dude – had to put it through some post-processing paces, but overall it turned out!

      Great photos. The eagle photo you were worried about came out awesome. What a trip!