Trying to slowly get through all the photos that I took on our vacation, so apologies in advance for the lengthy posts over the next week or so. Today I made it through the day we flew kites and then chased the seagulls on the beach. These were all taken with the Sony point and shoot, except the three sunset photos at the end (had my big camera for that). And oh the sunsets … these three photos were taken over probably a twenty minute span – first one is about ten minutes before sunset, then we have sunset, then about ten minutes after sunset.



      Yes all is well. Oh yes Adobe Lightroom is very good tool. Once used it on my friend’s PC when need to edit a photo before sending it for a an exhibition (its about senior citizens).

      Great pictures, below are the special ones :)

      feb8vacationphotos-07: Nice captured bird
      feb8vacationphotos-10: Very nice blue color of sea and sky
      feb8vacationphotos-11: Great Sunset
      feb8vacationphotos-12: Beautiful red clouds

      Thanks! Not sure if you have checked out Adobe Lightroom, but it is what I use to edit everything. It might be a good interim step before getting a big camera and only runs around $100USD. Hope all is well!