Last week was Carter’s last week at Emerald City Preschool. All the parents were treated to a “performance” by the kids of a snapshot of things that they learned over the year. It included a couple of songs and then a gymnastics obstacle course.

      We were so excited to see Carter “in school” and learn about what he could do.

      And then my kid happened.

      He refused to do anything once he saw us. He was the lone kid standing when others were sitting. Staying completely silent when other kids were singing. And he HAD to have either Jeremy or I walk with him on the obstacle course or he wouldn’t do it. And even then, he wouldn’t do it.

      At the end of it, the teachers told all the kids to go and play while the parents hung out and chatted.

      And then my kid happened again.

      While no one was watching, he went over to the obstacle course and perfectly executed the ENTIRE THING.



      <Photo from Nana and Papa’s last weekend>