For Jeremy! (haha) We now have a new fence surrounding our yard and it looks FANTASTIC.  I was told I couldn’t take pictures until after he mows the lawn on Tuesday, but then I will post them.  Our yard looks absolutely amazing and Jeremy cranked the fence out with amazing speed – he started working on it last weekend and finished it this weekend.  CRAZY.

      Next project on deck: Painting the house.  Originally we thought that we would tackle this on our own for the latter part of July and first part of August.  However, we both decided that it will be money well spent to hire someone to come paint it for us.  We are burned out on projects and just need to get it done.  Time to start calling around and getting quotes.

      We survived the heat this last week – it made it into the 90s and I fully appreciated my new sprinkler system in more ways that I can say.  Instead of spending hours watering a day, I just ran our cycle an extra time at night to make sure everything was soaked well.  Can you say “life-changer”?? It is SO wonderful!!  And our grass is so green!

      It is lovely that summer has finally hit and we are enjoying time outdoors finally.  Tonight we took Carter for a walk around the neighborhood and we played in the backyard with his bubble machine for quite a while. It felt like lazy summer days have finally arrived (though Jeremy would probably disagree after working all weekend!).