Photo Details:
      Exposure time 1/320 sec, Aperture f/4.5 ISO 400, Focal Length 35mm, Canon EF 16-35mm F/2.8L

      Why This Photo:
      Oh the story behind this photo. I have been fighting with trying to keep these critters out of my bird feeder since I put it up. I tried the squirrel guard – clearly it worked wonders as the squirrel completely bypassed it and is eating. I have a pellet gun at the ready to try to scare them off (for animal lovers – a pellet gun will not kill a squirrel. It will smart and hopefully scare them). Carter is even on the lookout for them and will tell me each time he sees one. None of it matters. THEY STILL GET TO MY BIRDFEEDER.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      This was a quick shot where you can see some reflection of the window I was shooting through in there. Not to mention I didn’t have the right lens on and this one is cropped way down from the original shot. I just grabbed my camera and started shooting to get him in action before I tried to “scare” him away. I should take the time to get a good shot, but that means he would be eating more than I want him to.


      HAHA! I know you don’t like the little guy but that is a great photo!