Photo Details:
      Exposure time 1/100 sec, Aperture f/1.8 ISO 400, Focal Length 50 mm, Lens Canon EF 50mm

      Why This Photo:
      I took a bunch of photos of Jeremy and Carter playing in the snow and building a snowman, but I loved the story of this one the best. A dad and son setting out on an adventure through a doorway of sorts into the garden.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      I ALMOST put this one to black and white, but given the muted tones of what Jeremy was wearing, I loved how Carter’s jacket stood out. With the bright snow it was hard to get a correct exposure. I ended up playing with the shutter speed and aperture until I got the look that I wanted. I post-processed this one by bringing out more black into the scene to offset the white snow, going for a little darker look versus overly bright. It also helped that the sky was a dark grey as it snowed.

      Oh and we got probably six inches or so over the course of the day. For the Northwest, that means everything shuts down – we don’t get snow often enough and with the hills around here, no one is “capable” of driving (People will honestly leave their cars on the freeway if it is bad enough. *Sigh* and as a native, it is embarrassing). But I can tell you that I LOVE IT when it does snow!!



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