Photo Details:
      Exposure time 1/15 sec, Aperture f/13 ISO 200, Focal Length 16mm, Canon EF 16-35mm F/2.8L

      Why This Photo:
      It is a little over a year since we moved into our house and this is one view of our yard that I don’t think I have shown. Our house is off to the right of the photo and if you walk through the arbor and towards the top of the photo, you will get to the fire pit, stream, and waterfall that we have. I chose this shot because it shows Spring in full force. I wish I could also post the wonderful sweet smell from all the flowers blooming, but this will have to do instead. There are pink rhododendrons, white iris’s, red geraniums, red rhododendrons, some beautiful blue flowers I have no idea what they are and even more to come. I. LOVE. MY. YARD. None of this takes into account the 90+ dahlias I planted everywhere either. They are still to little to see.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      This shot really doesn’t do justice to the expanse of garden that I am so lucky to have. I had it at the widest angle, but so many of the details your eyes pick up in person are missed. The only thing I can think of doing differently is to move closer to the beds to take a shot. Which I may do the next nice day we have.