Photo Details:
      Exposure time 1/640 sec, Aperture f/2.8 ISO 500, Focal Length 25mm, Canon EF 16-35mm F/2.8L

      Why This Photo:
      We had dinner with our neighbors from our previous house and this is Abby, their granddaughter. I took a ton of photos of the kids and LOVE this one because she kept coming straight up to the camera and staring into the lens. In this particular one, it shows her curiosity in such a fun way where her eyes are crystal clear, but everything else is left for movement and imagination. Plus I love that you can see Gavin running behind her – it shows there is so much more at play in terms of the story around the shot.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      To be honest, this was a bit of a fluke shot where I was running around trying to get the kids. The sun was setting, so my available light was starting to lower and it isn’t easy getting a shot of someone who wants to get up close and personal with your lens! But I am so pleased with how this turned out, Abby is such a doll!



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