Photo Details:
      Exposure time 1/320 sec, Aperture f/7.1 ISO 200, Focal Length 160mm, Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM

      Why This Photo:
      Since I am terribly behind in getting these posted, I have to tell the story about this hot air balloon. About two weeks ago in the evening after I had put the kids to bed, I was winding down with my glass of wine and watching a tv show. The backdoor was open because it was warm out and I all the sudden heard what could best be described as extremely loud static. I thought there was something wrong with our speakers (maybe the outdoor ones randomly turned on?) so I went outside and looked up and there were two gigantic hot air balloons directly over our house. The noise was the fire that they ignite to keep floating. It is extremely unusual to see the balloons by our house – usually they do the rides down in the valley between Woodinville and Redmond and I have seen them land in the fall mornings along one of the trails I run. This was a fun treat for me.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      I need to make sure my camera is at the ready! By the time I realized they were there, grabbed my camera, realized my card wasn’t in it, got the card, got the right lens on, blah blah blah – I wasn’t able to get a shot where they were firing up. I am happy with this shot though – the colors are so vibrant and the shadows for sunset perfect.


      Great shot. The colors are so sharp one might think it’s not real. we saw one further down in your heighborhood on our way home the other night.


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