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      A week and a half ago my brother Mark, Sis-In-Law Kim, Jeremy, and I celebrated an 11-week journey. In May, we all decided that we needed to get healthier by losing all the excess weight that we had all been carrying around. Our ultimate reward will be a trip to the French Polynesian Islands (trip to be booked soon) after we all maintain our goals for three months. While the change will be a lifetime one to keep the weight off and continue to workout, the first part of getting to our goals has been achieved. My sis-in-law lost over 50lbs, my brother over 30, Jeremy over 20, and I lost 20lbs.

      The funny thing is that we all craved a huge margarita after abstaining from have a fruity boozy drink for 11 weeks, so we decided now that we hit our goals, it was time to learn how to have an occasional treat and still stay on track.

      Challenges/Lessons Learned:
      Haaaa… for me the biggest challenge was to learn to live with some hunger. I tried to maintain around 1300 calories a day, with one day a week around 2000 (my one off day). My sis-in-law and I would walk 6 miles a day with me pushing 70lbs of kids in a stroller up some crazy hills and now I am adding in my half marathon training runs so I can take off about 5 more pounds so that I have a 5lb swing with my goal weight being the high end. And the ultimate reward: A whole new wardrobe!


      The flash wasn’t needed, but definately add a smile or at least a little upturn to the lips to show off your true personality and beauty. Yes, it is a nice cut.

      Congrats!! You look amazing!


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